A Look back: The SAFIR Global Summit

The last SAFIR Global Summit opened the door and allowed a glimpse of what is to come. The latest news was shared, there was a lively exchange, and the positive assessment by the “Bund der Verbraucher”, a well-respected German Consumer Association, was celebrated.

At this summit, the Strategic Advisor of SAFIR Werner Kaiser (who is also a member of the company’s “Elite Circle of Trust”) emphasized the importance of the Vision in brand management.

At SAFIR, this vision is expressed in three keywords: Reality, Seriousness, and Hugeness.

“SAFIR is about real projects and real products with real updates,” explains Kaiser, “and therefore about real possibilities.” But big dreams and plans and challenges, no matter how real they may be, require one ingredient in particular: seriousness. “This is in our DNA,” says Werner Kaiser, “SAFIR stands for clarity, openness, transparency, commitment – for seriousness.” Lastly, Hugeness. Kaiser explains: “When we talk about, huge’ we do not only refer to the physical quantity of objects or people; but we also talk about the level of impact of our commitment and our actions. SAFIR wants to achieve a huge impact on each client who put trust in this company, and in the life of each member of the SAFIR relational marketing network. We want to be huge because we have huge benefits to give to the world, and the event of the magnitude of the SAFIR Global Summit in Dubai has been our definition of this.”

SAFIR Global Summit has brought a real, serious, and huge impact on the Promoters and the SAFIR ecosystem via new products and projects, better strategies, and thorough deep analysis sessions. It was a win-win-win for everyone.

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